Dave started out in life as a child a very long time ago. The world was in black and white.

In 1996 Dave first installed Linux, and he's had a love affair with code ever since. That was the same year he published a book with MacMillan, called Special Edition: Using SGML with his friend Martin Colby. Dave retired from his job as a technical writer not long after, because his wife was making too darn much money and someone needed to raise their wonderful child, so Dave became a full-time parent for his daughter. His wife died from cancer. Dave and his daughter eventually recovered, and now that Ginny is a grown adult who has surpassed her dad in maturity, Dave is returning to the workforce doing what he loves, namely, wrangling code.


Code Drills

CodeDrills is a website for web developers to practice answering technical interview questions. It uses React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, and the rest of the MERN stack. I needed a way to practice answering questions and using Chart.js to track my progress visually. Fun project!

MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Redux.js, Node.js, Chart.js, Chai.js, Enzyme/Jest, Netlify and Heroku.

Gun Base

Dave acquired a love of shooting from his father on a bolt-action .22 single-shot and also as a grunt in the Marine Corps. Later in life, Dave became a competitive shooter, and in the process, acquired too many firearms in order to compete in different divisions of different sports. Gun Base grew out of the need to have a detailed record of each firearm, containing a photo, serial number, value, and other such information, for insurance purposes. Like Code Drills, the database is MongoDB and is hosted on mLab, and both the front and the back end are hosted on Heroku.

MongoDB, Express.js, Node.js, jQuery, Chai.js, Enzyme/Jest and Heroku.

Swapi Characters

SWAPI stands for Star Wars API, and Dave's first app was a fun quiz app for learning all the characters in the Star Wars Universe! This app uses jQuery, Node, Express, Mongo as well as the Chai testing framework. Who doesn't love looking at these classic characters and recalling their timeless intergallactic story!

MongoDB, Express.js, Node.js, jQuery, Chai.js, Enzyme and Heroku.

My Socials

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