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David S. Jackson

Welcome to my humble homepage. As you can probably tell, I'm a css/bootstrap newbie! But feel free to poke around and learn a thing or two about me. I often go by deepbsd and have been active on the web since 1994 or so. There were too many "DSJ's" around even by that time, but since I was using Berkeley UNIX then (and still do sometimes now) I chose the "deepbsd" handle. And though I spend more of my time on coding than on HTML beautification, I'd love to hear any HTML suggestions you care to pass my way. Enjoy!

My GitHub


I love coding in Python and have coded in Perl, Bash, Ruby, Javascript, PHP, and C.

Blogger and Linux Geek

The only time I use Windows, usually, is to play games. (Although sometimes I must use MS Office.) I've been using Linux since 1996. I maintain blogs on WordPress and on LiveJournal.


I ride my bicycle to keep in shape and ride my Harley to get away from the computer.

PC Builder

I get a big kick out of building PC's that look nice.


I compete in Cowboy Action Shooting. My cowboy alias is Sierra Slugs. I also have been known to compete in practical pistol sports such as IDPA and GADPA.


I have spent much of my career as a full-time dad. "Dad" is my most cherished job title.